Product/UI Designer

Product/UI Designer

Important Note

We are not in a position right now to pay much so we are looking for people who would like to contribute, in return for a share in's profits, based on the Steward Ownership model. Your reward is calculated on the opportunity costs for a free/cheap contribution.

Example: You work for 5.000€ in total and don't charge, you'll then get a multiplier of that back from the profits we are making, in return for your risk and sweat, e.g. 20.000€.

As a team we are still outstanding a full conversation on what 'value' and 'contribution' means and how to fairly reward all the different types of contributions and risks involved that happened and will still happen. Be excited to take part in those, we are.

About your Role


  1. Make people understand Memex better so it can solve real problems for them. Users who understand the full value of Memex and integrated it into their habits, love it. But right now onboarding and the UX of some features is not very well designed, leaving users with too many open questions, and confusion over how to use it. It's introducing many new capabilities that need gentle and thoughtful weaving into existing workflows and habits.
  2. Create user experiences for knowledge sharing workflows that have not existed Upcoming, we are working on Memex' first sharing/collaboration features and will introduce user interactions that have not existed before. So there will be tough UX challenges with lots of room to learn. How would you enable people to search each other's knowledge? How do you ensure people have a transparent and easy-to-use way of sharing access to their own knowledge graph and Memex data? How would you display contextual data like annotations or related websites within the browsing experience?
  3. Join a company that values service & people, not limitless growth Private equity, venture capital and the stock market are increasingly damaging to society because their value generation is based on speculation and there is no limit on shareholder returns. It's the root cause of many of society's biggest problems like wealth inequality, climate change and environmental damages. is a Steward Ownership company. This economic model ensures that service, impact and worker's conditions are always placed first, financial returns second (but still important). This model combines the best of both worlds of capitalism and socialism: Empowerment of individuals and rewarding effort (minus greed) & Responsibility for the collective's good (minus oppression).
  4. Grow a network with people and communities working on the cutting edge of technology, finance and governance's team is connected to a wide array of people and communities the decentralised, open-source, finance and philanthropy space (e.g. Mozilla, IPFS, EdgeRyders, Enspiral, Ouishare, EmbassyNetwork, REVISION, Dyne, Internet Archive, NEXUS, Dat, Ethereum).
  5. Gain new skills fast. Because we're still such a small team, we all take on many different roles that are new to us, whether that's writing, UX design, creating new processes. Your mind, abilities, and product sense will expand every day.

Working & Living with

We are a small & distributed team living in Berlin, Barcelona, Da Nang, New York City, Lisbon and Oxford. In our rounds we have activists, developers, biologists, journalists, community builders, and governance, music and gaming nerds.

We value the power of personal connections and try to meet as much as we can, even just 2 people visiting each other.

So, what is your challenge as UX & UI designer?

  • Improving the experience for new users from onboarding to (after)uninstall.
  • Create open-source design workflows.
  • Finding solutions to tricky UX challenges such as:
    • Offline-First co-curation of collections and threaded conversations about highlights and notes.
    • Searching, archiving and organising many different types of content (papers, websites, videos, images)
    • Publishing of full-text searchable collections
    • Display conversations about highlights and annotations, as well as related content baked into the browsing experience
  • Make Mockups and click-dummies to gather user feedback, communicate feature requirements to the developer team and demo future developments to the community.
  • Take part in designing and facilitating user-interviews
  • Help setting up good design processes that are capable of facilitating open-source design and development contributions.

You might be a good fit if...

  • You have strong communication skills in both writing & speaking, and are highly reliable.
  • You're patient, warm, mindful of others' needs and like to teach others
  • You're living an intentional life, know how to prioritise well and are organized in your thinking.
  • You're a creative thinker and also value well-designed processes
  • You're the kind of person that has the reflex of carefully analysing how to make tools better that you use every day.
  • You have experience in working in distributed teams and its requirements on documentation and communication
  • Bonus: You want to get into product management or front-end development at some point in your career.
  • Bonus: You can develop in ReactJS and implement your own designs.

How to Apply

Sound like a good fit for you? Please email Oliver at

  • Include this role's title + #fakenews in your subject line (it'll help us to sort through the emails).
  • Write a couple of words on why you'd like to work with us.
  • Send along links that best showcase the relevant things you've built and done, e.g. your portfolio, LinkedIn and Github.
  • Keep it short and sweet 🙂