Designing UX of P2P, Offline-First sharing & collaboration features

The Challenge

Our collaboration features are offline-first and P2P, so they will introduce many complex workflows and technological constraints that need to be simplified for the user.

Such as:

  • Co-curating and publishing/sharing lists of content
  • Responding to annotations (even when youre offline)
  • Syncing changes from your network
  • Multiple levels of permissions:
    • Add only
    • Edit
    • Comment only
    • Highlight only
  • Connecting to other users
    • Initially there won't be any way to search for other users. A connection to a user is only made through opening a link.
  • Notifications about changes
  • Follow/Subscribing to changes of other people's shared knowledge

Skills needed

Next Steps

Interested in helping us out here?

Get in touch with Oliver (oli@worldbrain.io) to discuss the details of this task, compensation and where to start.