Importing to Memex from other services

From now on you can import your bookmarks, history, tags (and soon (sub)collections & annotations) from every major bookmarking service that supports HTML exports.


  1. Go to Memex' settings
  2. Go to "import"
  3. Select HTML export file and run the importer

If you're using one of these services, here is how to get that file:



Why do many of my imports fail?

You may wonder why a lot of the urls you try to import fail?

This can have several reasons:

  1. It requests URLs that are behind a login wall and you are not logged in to that particular service at the moment.
  2. Services block your requests temporarily because you try to fetch a lot of them (e.g. lots of google results)
  3. The page is not reachable anymore

How to (partially) solve this:

Especially for reason 2 you can retry the download

  1. Go to "advanced settings" which you find next to the "start import" button
  2. Check "include previously failed urls"
  3. Re-run the import
Import freezes midway

Due to a protection mechanism by your browser, it can happen that your imports suddenly stops. This mechanism is originally intended to warn you from visiting phishing websites.

When Memex background process requests such a url, it blocks our code from being executed and also blocks all further requests. With a few clicks you can (temporarily) disable this measure and your imports will run through.


When the import process visits those websites, no viruses can be downloaded.

By re-enabling the protection afterwards you are safe visiting those sites because it will show you the familiar warning again.

How to disable your browser's Phishing Protection:

  1. Go to Chrome's security settings: chrome://settings/security and change this setting
  1. Done. Nothing can happen here.
  2. Re-enable the settings to Standard or Enhanced Protection after the download is finished (we will remind you just in case)

In case you got stuck and didn't disable those setting before:

  1. Go to chrome://extensions
  2. Disable Memex, enable again with the red switch. Don't "remove" it or you run danger losing your data if you haven't backed it up.
  3. image

We know its not the most elegant solution, but the best we can offer right now without infringing your privacy. (The other option is to send each of your urls to google before downloading in order to check if they are malicious)If you would not mind doing that, let us know and we can put this feature on our map for integration.

Support a Venture Capital free service

We want to protect users and their data from profit maximisation incentives resulting from uncapped profit potential. Memex is built without equity-based Venture Capital investments and caps investor and team profits . We want to build a service that people are willing to pay for because it solves problems for them, not grow at all costs with free services to then build privacy violating business models on top.

If Memex is already useful, you can see yourself using it for a few years or you want to support an alternative way of running a business, you can support us with our $150 Pioneer plan while we are in beta. In return it'll give you (at least) 3 years of Memex subscriptions once we launch them.