Annotating Youtube, Twitter & HTML5 videos

This tutorial will guide you on how to annotate YouTube, Twitter Videos, Vimeo, and any other HTML5 videos. This feature enables you to add linked timestamps to comments, allowing you and others to skim to the right section of the video with one click.


3 ways of adding timestamps:

  1. Right-click on the YouTube video and select "Add Note to timestamp with Memex."
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut for creating annotations when no text is selected on the page (default alt/option+w).
  3. Use the "create timestamp" button in the editor.

Tip: Use the reader mode when annotating youtube videos.

  • The reader mode will prevent the sidebar from closing when you click outside and allows you to pause and start the video while making notes.

Annotate Twitter Videos

When annotating Twitter videos, make sure to open the tweet, otherwise, it will not link the right URL to the timestamp.

Annotate HTML5 Videos

When annotating HTML5 videos, make sure that only one video is on the page; otherwise, it may cause issues with linking the right timestamp to the right video.

Annotate Vimeo Videos

Annotating Vimeo videos works almost like YouTube but unfortunately not as smoothly on the Vimeo site itself as they have keyboard listeners that interfere with the comments. You first have to save the video and then go to the Memex Search Dashboard to properly annotate it.

That's it! Now you know how to annotate YouTube, Twitter, and HTML5 videos. Happy annotating!