Note that Memex is in beta so bugs can happen and there may be rough edges. You can leave us feedback with a few clicks or chat with us.

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Use Cases and Workflows

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Collaboratively Curating, Annotating and discussing websites & PDFs
Quickly saving and recovering pages without the need to organise upfront
Tab Manager & Session Saving
Getting-things-done Inbox
Automatically getting all notes to Roam/Notion/Evernote via Readwise
Annotating Youtube Videos
Reference sections of articles you read
Giving feedback to an article people have sent you

Feature Tutorials

The Basics

Searching saved pages and annotations
Creating Highlights & Annotations
Sharing collections, annotated pages and highlights
Keyboard Shortcuts


Text Export Templates
Organise or Tag all open tabs
Importing to Memex from other services
Export your data locally & to any cloud provider
Pioneer Plan Details
Restore your data from an old extension


Where is my data stored?
Why do I need to install another app to make my backups?
Does what I add to Memex automatically get added to my browser bookmarks?

Support a Venture Capital free service

We want to protect users and their data from profit maximisation incentives resulting from uncapped profit potential. Memex is built without equity-based Venture Capital investments and caps investor and team profits . We want to build a service that people are willing to pay for because it solves problems for them, not grow at all costs with free services to then build privacy violating business models on top.

If Memex is already useful, you can see yourself using it for a few years or you want to support an alternative way of running a business, you can support us with our $150 Pioneer plan while we are in beta. In return it'll give you (at least) 3 years of Memex subscriptions once we launch them.

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