1.1 - Vannevar - Searching your knowledge from the sidebar

Release date: 22.04.2019

In honour of: Vannevar Bush

Every release we honour a person, activist, scientists, artist, politician who significantly contributed to humanities progress.

In his his 1945 The Atlantic Monthly article "As We May Think" Bush famously coined the term "Memex" describing a device that allows a person to 'compress and store all of their books, records, and communications, "mechanized so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibility"'r

His ideas gave many technologists, philosophers inspiration and common language to talk about a device that aims to organise a person's knowledge, and gave its name to the software you are using.

Features in this release

We attempt to release features early but iterate on feedback quickly. It may still have some minor UX bugs. Please let us know :)

1) Searching in your sidebar

  • You can now open the sidebar and search notes & pages and use the filters you are used from the dashboard. Use (r) to open it and start typing right away.
  • You can add page results from the sidebar into collections
  • Small fix-ups:
    • Syncing keyboard shortcuts settings with the tooltip information. Thanks @simonljus


Big thank you to our amazing team and contributors

  • https://github.com/dpffxhad
    • For being the anonymous, amazingly productive contributor. He built the new sidebar ribbon, importer from other bookmarking services, new collections sidebar, tab manager and sidebar search (will go into Memex 1.1.0)
  • https://github.com/oliversauter for starting the project in 2015, raising the funds to let us work and guiding the product development

Updates to this version:


  • Fix bug that you can't make Memex.Links on firefox
  • Decreased size of Product Hunt banner
  • Fix some glitches in the new sidebar search


  • smaller design bugs fixed
  • added correct updates to the tooltips of the toolbar-ribbon icons


  • Attempt to fix of bug that makes adding bookmarks and tags sometimes fail.


  • Introduce error messages for situations where indexing and saving things fail. We want to jump in the cold water and make every user aware of every bug so that in the coming weeks we can tackle all of them.