0.17.0 - New Collection Sidebar, filters and exclusion queries

Release date: 09.04.2019

Searching & filtering your annotations + Annotation timeline

Via the search dashboard you can now full-text search your annotations, and use the same filters you are used to in the website search (time, domain, bookmarks, tags)



  • Lockable collections sidebar so it can stay open permanently
    • Thanks @Notion for the inspiration 😍
  • Upgraded horizontal filter bar
  • Exclude tags and domains from results. E.g. "show me all pages with the tag annotation but not ai, and also not from nytimes.com"
    • You can also add those to query by typing: -nytimes.com

Bug/UX Fixes

  • Click on annotation highlight to open sidebar and jump to annotation card
  • 'Star' annotations
  • Better "half-screen" responsiveness
  • Display # of annotations on page results

Big props to our contributors