Release Notes

August 9, 2022


  • Adding descriptions to Spaces
    • full markdown support + images (copy paste web-based images)
    • use for introducing the topic of the Space or even for blogging + references
  • Update interface for sharing links to be in dark mode
  • Bug fix:
    • Tweets saved on mobile are properly synced with their content
  • Support for multiple content types in the web ui
    • Youtube videos
    • Tweets
    • Spotify podcasts and music tracks

Memex Go

  • Add ability to create sharing & collaboration links for Spaces and share via Android/iOS sharing system
  • Add individual annotations to one or many Spaces
  • image
  • Make individual annotations public, private or protected
  • Copy links of page and annotations and share via Android/iOS sharing system
  • Indicator of updates of Activitiy Feed in Share Modal and in Dashboard
  • Various UX and UI improvements and bug fixes

July 1st, 2022

Big jump here as we haven’t kept updating this list with all the bugfixes we’ve done in the last 2 month. Here you go:

Memex Extension: 3.2.6 - 3.2.23

  • Notable improvements:
    • Improve Space picker
      • Renaming Spaces via the Space picker
      • Enable creating of Sharing links for Spaces via the picker by clicking on the … icon on each result
      • image
      • Fix search queries in Space Picker to support special characters
    • Upgrade Text Exporters
      • Include [[Space Name]] for exporting to tools that understand [[WikiLink]] syntax
    • Upgrade Readwise Integration
      • Include [[Space Name]] for exporting to tools that understand [[WikiLink]] syntax
    • Merge Tags and Spaces
  • Various Bug fixes
    • Improve general performance for snappy opening of the Space picker
    • Fix various overlay positionings
    • Fix content script injections to make updates more stable
    • Improve speed of sidebar loading
    • Improve speed of installation screen opening
    • Fix search for annotations with Spaces
    • Add new defaults to text exporter templates
    • Fix Editor hyphenation
    • Improve styles and positioning of ribbon so its less annoying
    • Enable syncing of Spac

Memex Go: 1.8.14 - 1.8.19

  • Support rotation of annotation reader screen for tablets
  • Save “last used” Spaces in picker
  • Improve initial sync screen to
    • show progress
    • be interruptable by switching away
  • Make share-to-Memex screen not crash anymore
  • Fix scroll behaviour in main list
  • Fix scroll behaviour in annotation list
  • Fix bugs with “missing-list” being synced if you had an old version of the “inbox”

April 27, 2022

Memex Extension 3.2.5

Important: With upgrading to this version the Space picker can experience infinite load. This is how you fix it.


  • Improve sidebar scrolling behaviour
  • Fix Space picker search
  • Fix bug where Space picker does not properly register newly added joined Spaces
  • Fix bug where closing the “Share Space” modal too early resulted in only the commenter link being created

April 11, 2022

Memex Extension 3.2.0

March 01, 2022

  • Updating the Shared Spaces to fit the new designs of Memex
  • Fix a bug that made the feed updates go “seen” when opened via the extension.
  • Fix a bug on Firefox that made the input being typed in reverse
  • Fix a visual bug with the search-engine support on Google
  • Some style fixes (mainly loading indicator updates)

February 07, 2022

Memex Extension 3.1.7

Memex Complete Redesign

Dashboard Before


Dashboard After


Sidebar Before


Sidebar After


Search Integration Before


Search Integration After


Additional Features

  • Search integration for Brave Search and Bing
  • Change your email address via the settings
  • Change your password via the settings

January 28, 2022

Memex Extension 3.1.1

  • Fix bug where closing the sidebar with an annotation in edit mode would reset all edits. Now unsaved edits persist when you close and open the sidebar again. (does not persists on reload of page though)
  • Better UX for sharing, renaming & deleting a Space
    • menu will soon also be in the Spaces picker so you can instantly share, rename and delete a Space without going to the dashboard
    • image

Memex go Mobile App - Version 1.8.4

  • Now reliably saves the title when saving a page (need to close the modal by pressing on “close” so far. Will be improved soon to auto-save it.
  • Selected Spaces and tags are shown on the top now to avoid confusion of selected items

January 11, 2022 - Memex Extension Version 3.1.0

Collaboratively Annotating Locally Stored PDFs

You can now open PDFs from your local filesystem into the browser and annotate them - even collaboratively.

Local PDF annotation work fully for individual use, but only on Chrome based browsers. Collaboration workflow still at an early stage, though usable to co-curate, annotate and have conversations about websites and (local) PDFs.

  1. One time Action
    1. Go to: chrome://extensions/?id=abkfbakhjpmblaafnpgjppbmioombali
    2. Allow access to file URLs
    3. image
  2. Open local pdf in browser
  3. Enable the reader if not yet enabled (go to memex extension menu bar and then on “open PDF reader”
  4. Annotate
  5. If you want to share those highlights, add the page to shared Spaces and make the annotations public

Smaller Improvements:

  • Toggle PDF Viewer & Copy PDF url
  • image
  • Double Click on a annotation to go into edit mode
  • image
  • My Annotations and Annotations from Shared Spaces in one view and toggle their visibility
  • image

Resizable Annotation and Collection Sidebar


Adjusted width for content when sidebar is open


Activity Feed Indicator in the Ribbon and Popup


Bug fixes:

  • Editor line breaks were in the middle of words
  • Editing a note with lists caused new lines to be created

November 17, 2021 - Memex Extension Version 3.0.8

New Editor

  • Auto-Markdown powered. You can now type Markdown syntax and it will auto-translate as you write.
    • Highlight text and paste a link to link it
    • image
  • Support for image references
    • Copy and paste images from the web into the note field
  • Keyboard shortcut for Youtube timestamps (CMD+Y)

Bug fixes:

  • Highlighter in PDFs slightly displaced
  • Removing all scroll bars from places where they are not necessary

November 12, 2021 - Memex Extension Version 3.0.7


  • Import bookmark folders from browser and HTML imports
  • New 90s onboarding video with the essential features to know
  • New quick help menu for keyboard shortcuts and feature tutorials
  • image


  • Importer fixed and works now for, Pocket, Google Bookmarks, Diigo

November 7, 2021 - Memex Extension Version 3.0.6


  • Links to tutorials in several places in the extension
  • Add support chat to the dashboard
  • image

October 29, 2021 - Memex Extension Version 3.0.5


Improvements to the sharing UX

  • Instantly share a highlight or annotation by also pressing shift when using the respecitve keyboard shortcuts
  • Save note as protected by using option/alt + shift+enter
  • Save note as shared by using cmd + shift+enter
  • When sharing an annotation, link is automatically copied to clipboard
  • Unsharing/re-sharing an annotation now shares it under the same URL

Bug fixes:

  • Close context menu on collection sidebar when clicking outside
  • After collection creation you had to reload the page to see the menu or be able to share the collection
  • More reliable updates and re-instating of content script injection

October 11, 2021 - Memex Extension Version 3.0.0

Memex is back-to-beta and 100% free to use for the time being

Syncing between 3+ devices + auto-backup:

You can now sync Memex between as many browsers and mobile devices as you want, and have your data automatically backed up to the cloud. Memex is still a local first application, so all your data is stored locally by default.

Since this is the first version, you may run into issues or unclear behaviour. Please come to the forum section we opened for any questions or issues you may have.

Annotation support for iOS and Android tablets

You can now annotate also on tablet sized devices

Other Fixes:

In the Memex menu there is now a button that lets you enable or disable the PDF annotation viewer

June 07, 2021 - Memex Extension Version 2.19.0

BETA: In-Page viewing and replying to annotations from shared collections

You can now view the annotations of collections you follow from within the page, and reply to them.

Bug fixes:

  • 2.19.1 Fixed a bug with the Content Security Policy, blocking sharing of content
  • 2.19.1 Stop the host page fonts and styles bleeding into the sidebar
  • 2.19.2 Made anchoring of first annotation on a page faster
  • 2.19.2 Indicate in sync notification when sync or backup have not been running for more than 3 days
  • 2.19.2 Sometimes when updating the extension and a systems page is open, it would not re-anchor the highlights on active tabs

May 25, 2021 - Memex Extension Version 2.18.0

See annotations from collections you follow when you browse around

You can now see the annotations for pages from collections you follow when you are on a website or web-based PDF.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug where opening new Youtube Videos on the same tab associated annotations with the previous video
  • Fix bug where on extension update it was removing items from the inbox into the "saved on mobile" collection. May also have affected other collections.
  • Fix bug of backup not finishing when there are items with a missing ObjectPk in the backup log.
  • Fix bug where notes were not uploaded to readwise that had a location pointer with a number higher than Readwise's DB limit

May 05, 2021 - Memex Extension Version 2.17.3

10min Speed Run through all Memex features:

Commenting on websites entries via the web view

People who have contributor access to your collections can now also add comments to page entries in your collections without the Memex Extension


Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bug where the "Saved on Mobile" list is empty in new dashboard
  • Fix edge cases where page title missing and url was still not shown instead
  • Update onboarding with the 10-min speed run through Memex
  • 2.17.4: Match order of highlights synced to Readwise with order on page

April 26, 2021 - Memex Extension Version 2.17.0

New Privacy Option: Protected Memex Notes

You can now save a Memex note as "protected" which will prevent the note from changing its sharing status through bulk actions like "Set privacy of all notes on this page/collection".

This allows for a neat workflow of making sure that notes you want to keep private will always stay private, while also enabling you to easily share all notes in a collection or on a webpage.

Privacy options explained:

Protected: Private and will never be shared in bulk actions

Private: Private to you and may be shared later individually or in bulk.

Shared: Added to all shared collections the parent page of the annotation is part of


Share-all-notes in collection

Previously you could only bulk share notes on a single page. Now you can also share all notes in a collection at once.


Bug and UX Fixes:

  • Showing Search Results in Google & DuckDuck Go again. Fixed after a regression
  • Improvements to Drag&Dropping of pages into the dashboard sidebar
  • When no title available, show url of page instead
  • "Remove from Inbox" button in the new dashboard required to move out and into the page result item, making fast processing of the inbox a pain
  • Confirm/cancel creation and edits of collection names in new dashboard sidebar

Bug Fixes

2.17.1 - 27.04.2021

  • Fix regression not showing the correct ownership status in the collection sidebar

2.17.2 - 28.04.2021

  • Make sure to show the login screen if a person has been logged out due to session logout
  • Add ability to change your display name in the account settings
  • Fix UX regression not showing the user name setup anymore when setting up your Beta Access

April 13, 2021 - Memex Extension Version 2.16.0

Collaborative Collections

  • Create "contributor" type links to your shared collections, enabling people to also add pages and annotations to those collections
  • Only available for beta users. To sign up go to Memex > Settings > Beta Features > Activate

Overhauled Dashboard:

  • Unfolding Annotations below pages + shift-click to open in sidebar
  • Unfold all with expand notes/collapse notes
  • Search in the collections sidebar
  • Better sync status
  • Switch to old dashboard
  • the new dashboard is not 100% on feature parity with the old dashboard
    • Query based filters are missing
    • Exclusion search for tags and domains
    • Some smaller bugs
  • adding keyboard shortcut alt/option+f to open dashboard quickly

Bug Fixes

2.16.1 - 15.04.2021

  • Fixing broken Google & DuckDuckGo Integration

March 09, 2021 - Memex Extension Version 2.15.0

  • Fix a regression that made the TextExporter not work in the dashboard
  • Added a keyboard shortcut alt+f for opening the dashboard in search mode

March 04, 2021 - Memex Extension Version 2.14.0

PDF Annotations Prototype (only for BETA Subscribers)

A first stab at making PDF annotations possible in Memex. For now it will only work on PDFs that are reachable via a URL, like links.



  • We released this feature in a very early stage for people to use it asap and help us with feedback on how to improve. Let us know!

What works:

  • Only works on PDFs that are URL based
  • Creating highlights and annotations with the tooltip and keyboard shortcuts
  • Searching highlights and annotations
  • Sharing links to annotated PDFs or collections containing annotated PDFs
  • Discussing shared annotations

Known Issues:

  • Creating a highlight can take 1-4 seconds still.
  • Re-Anchoring on PDF page updates is not very performant, could likely cause fans to spin.
  • When making an annotation, the selection isn't cleared so the highlight looks partially dark until you click away
  • Clicking on an annotation in the sidebar on a PDF does not yet scroll to that annotation on the page
  • Some buttons on the default viewer will want to be hidden/customised
  • Opening the right-side action-ribbon by just hovering does not work on first try. You need to first load the sidebar with the keyboard shortcuts or via the Memex button in the extension menu bar.
  • Entries don't load in the tag and collections picker of the ribbon, even if they are there.
  • More reliable anchoring across a wide variety of PDF sources and structures.

Next Steps:

  • Click on annotation card to scroll to text
  • Identify same PDF even if on different urls
  • Open PDFs from local file system

Want to contribute? Get in touch with us on Slack in the #tf-pdf-annotations channel

How to enable:

  • Go to Memex Settings
  • Select "Beta Features"
  • "Activate" Beta Features
  • Change "Automatically Open PDFs in Memex Annotation Editor" to YES

February 25, 2021 - Memex Extension Version 2.13.0

Follow Collection Updates (only for BETA Subscribers):

You can now follow collection updates and respond to annotations via the Web View.

Via the collaboration feed, you now can see

  • when people add new pages to collections you follow
  • when people respond to annotations you shared in a collection or page link,
  • new replies to conversations you take part in

Tip curators via the WebMonetization standard and the Coil Micropayment extensions

For next steps on Memex.Social Development, check out

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where in some cases Annotations were not properly saved.
  • Fixed a bug where sharing would be interrupted if there was an empty field in the collections title edit.
  • Integrate the activity feed indicator for Memex.Social.

December 30, 2020 - Memex Extension Version 2.12.2

  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow you to delete annotations

December 22, 2020 - Memex Extension Version 2.12.1

  • Fixing of a bug that didn't allow you to search for collection names anymore

November 23, 2020 - Memex Extension Version 2.12.0

Sortable Annotations

Annotations are now by default shown in order they appear on the pages. You can also sort them by creation time forwards and backwards.


Bug fixes:

Readwise Integration

  • Annotation tags are now synced to Readwise too
  • Pages without a clea.r title, are also synced, using the url

November 17, 2020 - Memex Extension Version 2.11.0

Youtube Annotations

Use an automatically generated youtube timestamp in your annotations. It links to the right time in the video too. Just click on "insert > Youtube Timestamp" above the editor.


Quality of life improvements:

  • Show more of the note text before truncating it behind a "show more" button

November 11, 2020 - Memex Extension Version 2.10.2

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Annotations change font-color in dark mode pages
    • Before:
    • image
    • After:
    • image

  • Clicking on a search result in the dashboard when the annotation sidebar is open, first closes the sidebar.
  • image

Bug Fixes:

  • Collection search does not work with capitalized search terms
  • Text Exporter now works with annotations search without keywords
  • Text Exporter template editor can now be dragged to expand it horizontally

November 01, 2020 - Memex Extension Version 2.10.1

Markdown Editor in all note fields

  • Use a preview button (option/alt+enter) to instantly translate and preview your text
  • No image support yet

Bug Fixes

  • Couldn't delete a page via the dashboard
  • Fix keyboard shortcut editor to also allow for using option/alt
  • Pages added via Memex Go are also added to the Inbox

October 23, 2020 - Memex Extension Version 2.10.0

Lock Open Sidebar

Lock open the annotation sidebar. E.g. for better Youtube commenting


Quality of Life Improvements

  • Ability to use Tab & Shift+Tab in the text fields

Bug Fixes:

  • Improvements to reliability of Readwise Integration
    • Multiple notes on the same page are now properly separated.

October 16, 2020 - Memex Extension Version 2.9.0

Inbox for saved items

Every item you save, tag, list or annotate is put into the inbox where you have the ability to work it off later again.

October 15, 2020 - Memex Extension Version 2.8.0

Readwise <> Roam/Notion/Evernote integration

Now you can send all your Memex Highlights to and from there to, or

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