Memex Privacy Policy

Last edit: 24.01.22

Plain-Language Summary

Your data is not our business model.

We want to provide services valuable enough so they are worth paying for without the need to trade-off your data ownership & privacy.

We don't take venture capital funding and offer investors and team capped returns

We do this to remove the economic incentives for profit-at-all-costs that usually lead to exploitations of user privacy & freedom to move providers. Instead we choose the harder route of funding our company through own revenue, grants and an alternative investment model called "Steward Ownership". You can read more about our approach in this post.

We highly value your data ownership & privacy.

Your data is stored on your computer by default and exportable there. To provide sync, collaboration features and the automatic backup, Memex data is also synced to our Firebase servers. You can export your data at any time on your local machine and ask us to delete your account.

We operate with a strong ethos for valuing data ownership and data privacy, which may not always be feasible to achieve via technological means, but better via economic incentives or organisational safeguards. Especially in a multi-peer collaborative environment, a zero knowledge privacy system is hard to build and maintain, which is out of our budget right now.

We vouch that we have never and will never look at your personal data without consent even if it is right now technically possible. As we mature as a service we will attempt to further improve your privacy.

We only receive anonymous error logs and usage statistics. We only track what's absolutely necessary to understand statistical usage of features and the Memex software, as well as error logs to improve the stability of the product. No personal data, like content you save or search for, will be in those logs or be part of the analysis.


Why does Memex need so many permissions?
What kinds of data is sent from my Memex? How do I verify this?
How can I trust that Memex does not send personal data somewhere I don't agree with?
If I do backups to any cloud provider can the Memex team see my data?


To facilitate onboarding of new users and paying subscribers we also use Airtable, Zapier, Stripe and Chargebee. Those services will receive email addresses, names and handle payment details.

To automate sending transactional emails we use Sendgrid, which receives names, email addresses and information needed to enable those transaction.

Click on the names of the services to see their individual privacy notes.

Anonymous Data that is collected

If you don't sign up for having an account, the only data worldbrain.io receives are anonymous error logs and metrics on how you use the software. (e.g. which buttons you click/features you use) so we can improve the user experience and feature maturity. This data does not contain any personal data like the terms you search, websites you visit or annotations you make. If you feel uncomfortable with this, you can opt-out and become a ghost for us. To see a complete list of everything that is tracked or opt-out, go to your Memex' settings > privacy.

Legalese Version of the Privacy Policy

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