Unifying Collections & Tags ⇒ Spaces

The differentiation between Tags and Spaces is confusing (what to use when?), causes extra work and does not add any meaningful use case improvements

Therefore we are about to remove Tags, merge them with Collections, and rename Collections into Spaces.

What will change?

  • Spaces are name-editable
  • Spaces can be deleted, tags not so far
  • Spaces will be assignable to annotations, just like tags now
  • Spaces will be usable in the TextExporters (Collections are currently not)
  • Spaces will be pushed via the Readwise integration's tags
  • Spaces are searchable and manageable in the dashboard as a complete list (as opposed to tags now)
  • Spaces are shareable and co-curateable via invite links
  • Spaces have an N-N relationship to Pages and Annotations, just like tags and collections have now. Add as many Space to as many annotations or pages as you like.
  • If you are a user before the release of this improvement,
    • You’ll still be able to use your tags, if you signed up later, you’ll never know they existed
    • The
      Text Export Templates
      will work with both Spaces and Tags
    • The Readwise integration will carry both Spaces and tags


Probably within the next 2 months we are going to shut off tags for new users.

Existing users will be able to use tags until we full do the migration of the data.